kratom plants

kratom plants

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  Why buy kratom plants from Bounty botanicals?

 Unique phenotypes

  Despite wide spread use of the phrase "kratom strain" there is no such thing, but mitragyna speciosa plants do come in a variety of different phenotypes. A plants phenotype is the physical expression of the plants characteristics based on its genetics. For example, our Indonesian kratom clones produce mostly deep crimson red veins while the Bumblebee clone believed to be from Vietnam produces primarily green veins. Or, take our Malay kratom for instance who is crisp, clean, and perky in appearance giving it an almost artificial look. The diversity of kratom that is offered up at Bounty botanicals is unrivaled by top competitors.


Strong and healthy plants 

 When you are looking to buy kratom plants its important to start with strong and healthy specimens. Here at Bounty Botanicals our well rooted kratom clones are healthy, strong, and grown outside of tropical settings allowing for a smoother and less stressful transition from our garden to yours! Yes, you heard right! Grown outside of tropical settings! This conditions the plants to be able to withstand much harsher climates than a specimen that has been babied. Kratom trees do not require a high humidity growing environment to thrive and growing your own kratom is easier than you think! The Bounty botanicals garden is located in the Arizona desert where we have the second driest air in the united states! This blows the myth that kratom needs high humidity right out of the water!  


Matured clones ready to harvest 

There Are two types of live kratom plants for sale online. You have clones and seed grown. A clones genetics, both visible and not visible hold true to the mother plant it originally came from...including its age. Where as a seed grown plant can display different characteristics from its mother and even its siblings making this choice more of a crap shoot. You could end up with something really special...or a scragglier.

   Seed grown kratom would be preferable for someone who is trying their luck in searching for unique genetics. Kratom clones on the other hand are typically propagated because they were found to be better than the rest. This makes them a suitable choice for those who just want to know they are receiving something that is high quality from the jump without having to spend the time, space, and dedication that's required to crown a champion.

  All the kratom clones that we sell come from highly desirable and mature trees sourced from different locations in southeast Asia. When you buy kratom clones you are actually getting a piece of the mature tree that the clone originally came from; an actual extension of that same plant!

 This means that your kratom clone will be the same age as the plant its genetics initially came from and mature enough to start harvesting leaves! We do offer some kratom seedlings as well if you're into that sort of thing :)  


Great prices

 - Our prices are some of the lowest around! Rest assured though despite the low price tags you are getting top notch plants that are healthy, well rooted, and strong :) Nothing but the best!


Live plant arrival guarantee

 - If your plants (any plants you order from bounty botanicals) arrive in bad shape, simply take a pic and send it to within 2 days of arrival for a replacement. You ordered a live healthy plant and that's what you should get!


What is kratom?

Kratom or Mitragyna speciosa is a tree native to southeast Asia and is used primarily for its pain killing and energy boosting properties. The leaves, either dry or fresh, are chewed, ingested, or brewed into a tea to ease aches and increase productivity in much the same manner as coffee or tea. The main alkaloids responsible for these effects are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine which act on the mu-opioid receptors creating an analgesic effect, but unlike traditional opiates there is very little to no respiratory depression.


Why grow a live kratom plant?

                      1.Super fast growth- kratom grows very very fast! A small clone can become taller than you in a single growing season! 

                   2.Its easy peasy- kratom plants are a lot easier to grow than most people think. Shoot, you can treat them just like a tomato plant and they'll thrive! There are myths out there about not being able to grow good kratom outside of tropical environments, but they are just that...myths.

                   3. Self reliance- You'll soon have your very own supply of fresh kratom right in your backyard! Beyond that you know exactly where it came from and how it was grown.

                   4. Experience- Experience speciosa the way they do over in Indonesia. Fresh from the tree!  



Live kratom plants