Plant biostimulants- Emerald knight

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Emerald knight combines several plant biostimulants into one easy to use soluable powder that is suitable for soil, hydroponics, and foliar feeding.

Biostimulants are used to increase your plants access to essential nutrients and assist in stimulating plant processes.
They possess very little plant nutrition and are meant to be used alongside the 17 vital plant nutrients.



Knight your plants and bestow upon them a suit of emerald armor! 
     Emerald knight is a water soluable  biostimulant formulated to help plants become strong, resilient, beautiful, and top quality! 
    The main focus of biostimulants is to aid in the uptake of the 17 essential elements needed by plants to thrive. The better your plants can gather and utilize their food the better they can grow and defend themselves against enviornmental stress. 
    Emerald knight helps plants stand strong against disease, pests, temperature extreames, drought, excess salts, harsh winds, and low humidity. Simply a stronger plant all while increasing the yields and quality of your crops! 

DILUTION RATE: 1tsp per gallon for all applications. 

-once a week in soil or soiless medium or foliar application. If you use a reservoir, use with every hydroponic reservoir change. 
-best used from start to finish. 

- If mixing with other fertilizers add Emerald knight first unless youre adding silica. Always add silica first.
- for FOLIAR applications use only in the early morning or dawn time. When the sun is too intense foliar sprays can burn plants. 

DERIVED FROM:soy protein hydrolysate,humus, kelp,magnesium sulfate, yucca, blackstrap molasses, vitamin B1.