Greetings and thank you for your support! 

      Your newly arriving plants are likely to be stressed out from their journey to you and placing them directly into dryer air or direct sun will result in more stress and even death of the plant! During travel the plant shuts down and needs time to wake back up and get into the motion of things again. This is why it is very important to slowly reintroduce your specimen to growing conditions and its new growing environment.  

Please note that this is a general guide and not plant specific, but works for most all plants  

      To adapt your plant to the air:   

  • Plant your specimen in a pot with good soil and good drainage holes. Next, place a humidity cover over the plant such as a baggie or a clear bottle with the bottom cut off. You can also use an actual propagation humidity dome.  

  • At least once a day (preferably 3-4) lift the cover off to provide fresh air. If you notice the cover is dry, mist the inside. Next, fan with the cover to encourage some evaporation(this rases humidity) before placing back over the plant.   

  • Add a couple of holes to the cover every day(including the first day) for several days slowly introducing dryer air.

  • After a few days lift the cover off completely and while keeping a very close eye on it see how your plant performs. If it starts to wilt give it more time under the cover. 

  • Once your plant is able to maintain without a cover, it should be ready for the next step :) 

 Never place a plant with a humidity cover on it in the sun....it will cook! Its best to keep stressed plants at room temps.  

       To adapt your plant to sun light:   

  • Once your plant is recovered from shipment stress place it in the area you wish to make its permanent home and keep a close eye on it. Once it just barely starts to wilt move it to the shade(or indoors).  

  • The best times to do this is in the early mornings or late afternoon when the sun is less intense.  

  • Do this until the plant is able to withstand the entire day without wilting. If after a week it still wilts chances are your environment is too intense for it. In this case shade, a greenhouse or keeping them indoors will be necessary to keep it healthy and happy.  

      Please, due to the nature of gardening, it's important to contact Bounty botanicals the day your plants are delivered to you along with pictures of your specimen if in the event it arrives in poor condition. If you wait and try to nurse it back to health and then contact me Ill have to assume its gardener error, but even if this is the case feel free to ask questions I love to help where I can :)   

     Please note also that some plants do not ship well and will likely lose their leaves (sensitive plants(mimosa pudica) seem to have this issue often). They are not dead and new leaves will grow out.  

     As a side note...kratom seems to ship very well and usually adapts quickly to their new home :) 


Other garden tips 

  • Use the proper soil for your situation (If growing indoors use indoor potting soil ect.) 

  • Use the proper pot size for your plant. An overly large pot for a small plant can cause watering issues; as will a pot that’s too small.  

  • Make sure your pot has proper drainage holes and never let a plant sit in a dish of water!  

  • When watering, water thoroughly until water starts to come out the bottom of the pot.  

  • Do not water again until soil starts to dry a bit and the pot feels light (it’s a good idea to lift the pot right after watering to get a feel of the weight) you can wait until the soil is mostly dry or the plant starts to wilt a bit if growing a succulent (like kanna) 

  • Always water right after transplanting.