San Pedro cactus for sale


If you're looking to buy san Pedro cactus and other trichocereus (echinopsis) you've found them! Featuring some of the best cactus genetics around; these specimens are sure to impress! Check them out below! 

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>>Trichocereus cactus

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  We carry san pedro (E. pachanoi), peruvian torch (E. peruvianus), Bolivian torch (E. bridgesii), E. scopulicola, and hybrids of these.

while all of these trichocereus cacti quickly grow in a columnar structure they each have their own unique characteristics. Different spines, skin colors ranging from frog green to almost blue, and cool mutations make them a great cosmetic choice for landscaping and collections. 

 Any of these cacti can be considered huachuma or wachuma which translates to "remove the head". Native to the Peru, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, and Ecuador these cacti are known for their shamanic value and considered one of the greatest plant teachers from South America.