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FAQs(frequently asked questions)

   What is Bounty botanicals about?

   Hi, my name is Erik and I started Bounty botanicals because I strongly believe in doing what you love and freedom of choice!
For over half my life gardening has been a passion of mine with ethnobotanicals being front and Center.
These plants have such a big impact on human history and invoke such intense emotion, controversy and wonder that I can't help but be utterly interested in them!
I strongly believe that access to, and education about ethnobotanicals is an invaluable part of our freedom.
No one person or group of people should be able to dictate what you do with yourself! its absurd! After all, our freedom is all we have......besides each other :) 



  What does "all items are sold as     specimens" mean?: 

yes, all items at are sold as specimens only. This means that all the items are sold with no specific purpose or intended use other than for display, research, or taxonomy purposes(like a person who collects butterfly specimens).

   Bounty botanicals holds no liability for what the customer does with their specimens. 



  when will my order ship? 

Ship out times very depending on the payment methods used. Please note that all orders containing live plants will be shipped out on Mondays or Tuesdays only, but if you don't mind your plant possibly spending an extra day(Sunday) in the mail you can request that your order be shipped early. Please note that a special request to ship out on an off ad will void the live plant arrival guarantee 

  Another choice would be to make two separate orders, one of just plants and the other with you other items, but keep in mind that will mean extra shipping  

    Orders typically ship out in one to two business days once Bounty botanicals receives payment.

   The exceptions are with plant orders:

-Plant orders ship Monday or Tuesday unless stated otherwise as mentioned above.