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Shipping & Returns

Returns Policy
  For live plants please see the "live plant arrival guarantee" section below. For all other specimen's please Contact Us within 30 days of receiving your specimens with your order number and details about the product you would like to return. All specimens will need to be as intact as possible and returned to bounty botanicals. Pre paid Return parcel packaging will be mailed to you. place the items you would like to return inside and drop the parcel off at any united states postal service office. Upon arrival of the item/s you will be issued a refund.      



Live plant arrival guarantee 


  If when your plants arrive to you they are in bad shape...we will replace them or refund you for the specimens cost :). Please note that shipping is very stressful on plants and a little bit of leaf tip/new growth damage is the norm, but if you believe the damage to your specimens is excessive and unreasonable simply contact us with a picture of the plants depicting the perceived issue within 2 hours of arrival. Nothing more needs to be done on your part and we will ship out your replacements or provide a refund when possible given the issue is substantiated. You will be contacted via email with details about your replacement/refund. 


We can ship to virtually any address in the united states. Note that there are restrictions on some products, and some products cannot be shipped to certain destinations.

-When you place an order shipping costs are a flat rate of 5 dollars for first class USPS or 10 dollars for priority mail USPS. 

Orders containing live plants

 Any orders containing live plants ship out on Mondays and Tuesdays during active shipping times as stated in the "plant shipping schedules" section below.

Plant Shipping Schedules 

 Due to weather extremes not all plants can be shipped out all year round, so there are some months(stated below) that we will hold on to your live plant order until these times pass. You can request that your order to be shipped out during these periods by contacting us, but be aware that Bounty botanicals will not be unable to honor our guarantee of a healthy arrival and will not provide replacement specimens or refunds. 

  -Here is a list of the live pants we offer and the times which they will not be shipped out unless requested otherwise:

       CACTI: Will not ship in: December, January

        KANNA: Will not ship in: January or December.

        MEXICAN DREAM HERB: Will not ship in: January, July, August, or December. 

        BRAHMI: Will not ship in: January, July, August, Or December.