Why do you not offer card payment options?

  Bounty botanicals offers as many payment methods as possible from “straight cash” to "online billpay", but we cannot process online credit/debit card payments and here is why: 

           Bounty botanicals offers some specimens that major credit card companies such as visa and MasterCard simply will not allow.                                                               

  Thank you for your understanding and support :)

 online bill pay: 

Online bill pay is an online payment option offered by most banks and Credit Unions, usually for free and is easy to use!


1- locate the billpay section on your online banking account.

2- follow their directions and input the information needed-
>PAYEE- bounty botanicals
>ADRESS-bounty botanicals
               P.O. box 6581
               Peoria AZ, 85385
>PAYMENT FOR- enter your ORDER NUMBER(VERY IMPORTANT!) You may also be able to put the order number in the "account #" section.
>AMOUNT- your order total including shipping.

3-your institution will send out a physical check on your behalf. Once received your order will be scheduled to ship out.


  money orders/cash:

Money orders are easily obtained either through the service center of your local grocery store, the Post Office, or the bank.

- the amount for your Money order is you order total including shipping.

Please make the money order payable to Bounty botanicals and ENTER YOUR ORDER NUMBER in the "for/account" section of the money order.

mail to :
Bounty botanicals
PO BOX 6581
Peoria, AZ 85385

Once received, your order will be shipped out :)

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at
For more information on money orders please see our FAQS section.


Google pay/cash app:

The G pay and Cash app are easy to use apps that allow users to both send and receive payments.
Please follow these easy steps:

1. if you don't have one already, get the app: Choose your preferred app( I accept both google pay and cash app by square. These can be found in the app store on your phone.

  2. Amount to send: Enter the amount for your order including shipping.

  3.Recipient section:

  -if using google pay enter ""
  -if using the cash app enter "$bountybotanicals"

  4. for/note section: enter your ORDER NUMBER(THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!)
  5. That's it! Your order will be paid for and scheduled to be shipped out :)




*If you are not sure how to get Bitcoin, "cash app" by square allows you to buy and use bitcoin with ease.

*Once I see your order(typically within hours after you place it) I will send you an email containing a bitcoin wallet address code.

*Please note that this email containing the code will be separate from the invoice email you receive immediately after placing your order.

*This code is unique and can only be used once. The code changes every transaction so if you find that it doesn't work it means another customer has used it before you. If this is the case please let me know and I will send you the new one :)

* it's easiest to copy and paste the code sent. 

*Immediately after payment has been sent, please contact us via email at letting us know that you've sent the bitcoin over.

*Your order will be scheduled to ship out once payment is received and acknowledged.

*Please send the amount for your order total including shipping.

* If you have any questions feel free to ask :)



Please mail to:

Bounty botanicals 

PO BOX 6581

Peoria, AZ

*Please keep in mind that mail does occasionally get lost and unlike a money order(recommended) it cant be canceled.  Bounty botanicals holds no liability if your payment is lost. It's recommended that you get tracking to know where it is at!

*Please include your order number and e mail with your payment!

*Amount should be for order total plus shipping.
*If you have any questions feel free to contact us at