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Kava sample pack

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A variety pack perfect for finding your preferences! 4 different 100% noble kavas and an included 80 micron strainer bag!

I'm excited to offer this brand of kava to you! They have been providing consistently high quality kava for 40 years!

Kava is a drink prepared from the Piper methysticum plant and is popular in many pacific ocean cultures. It's commonly associated with reduced anxiety and promoting relaxation. Kava is typically used in social settings in much the same way alcohol is.

This sample pack offers 4 different varieties along with a durable and reusable 80 micron nylon strainer:

Lewena 50 grams-
Lewena is made from the main stump of the kava where all the roots meet. Lewena is know to have a smoother taste as well as a heady uplifting effect.

Traditional 100 grams-
Traditional is made from the whole roots...stump and all. Mixing the stump(lewena) with the lateral roots(waka) makes for a more balanced effect.

Premium Brown label 100 grams-
Brown label is a stronger kava guaranteed to contain a minimum 9% kavalactones. This premium kava root is what this kava company is known for!

Micronized 50 grams-
Micronized kava is for those in a pinch and want something more instant. No need for strainers or kneading...just stir it in!

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