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Tetrahydroharmine is a florescent alkaloid that is primarily found in the ayahuasca vine Banisteriopsis caapi and acts as a MAOI and SRI.  It belongs to the harmala alkaloid family and is structurally similar to harmine and harmaline. This compound has gained attention for its potential therapeutic properties and its role in traditional medicine practices.

Tetrahydroharmine has been studied for its effects on the central nervous system. It is believed to have mild psychoactive properties and has been used traditionally as a part of ayahuasca brews. 


Harmine, also known as telepathine is a florescent beta-carboline alkaloid the most abundant maoi found in ayahuasca brews and is a crucial ingredient to make the brew orally active. Without an maoi ayahuasca would not work. Both Peganum harmala seeds and Banisteriopsis caapi are common sorces of harmine.


Harmaline like harmine is a fluorescent indole alkaloid from the group of harmala alkaloids and beta-carbolines and is primarily used as an maoi in ayahuasca brews.