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harmalas variety pack

Bounty botanicals

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An all in one variety pack offering the three main harmalas in either freebase or hydrochloride salt form: 1 gram of harmine, 1 gram of harmaline, and a half gram of tetrahydroharmine in total.

The harmine, aka telepathine is extracted from Syrian rue seeds ( latin name peganum harmala ) using food grade materials only. This harmine in particular is so well separated from harmaline that it glows blue under black light! A claim many vendors cannot make :) Harmine glows blue while harmaline will glow greenish yellow.

The harmaline extract is also high purity made with food grade materials only as well.

The Thh is made from the harmaline by following a procedure entitled: A harm-reduction approach to the isolation of harmine and
its hydrogenated derivatives from Peganum Harmala seed in
low-tech settings.