Calea zacatechichi tincture

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What makes this calea zacatechichi tincture different from the rest is that its made using FRESHLY HARVESTED ORGANIC leaves! 

Some herbs lose a good deal of potancy when dried and are best used fresh. Calea z. is one of those herbs. 

The plants in the pictures are the actual plant specimens the fresh leaves come from to make this tincture! 

      This tincture is made by first harvesting the fresh organic leaves of the calea zacatechichi plant. 
These leaves are then immediately loaded into glass jars to witch grain alcohol is added until the plant is submerged. Packing the jars tight insures a highly concentrated tincture witch is NEVER WATERED DOWN! 
The jars are allowed to sit undisturbed in the dark until the alcohol is fully saturated. 
This solution is then filtered several times to remove any fine particals for a fully transparent and clean tincture. 
Once filtered the extract is packaged into uv resistant glass dropper bottles, heat sealed, and finally stored at (+-) 35 F. in the dark. 

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