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Kilp dagga seeds (L. Nepetifolia)

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Proudly and organically grown by Bounty botanicals!
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   Klip dagga or leonotis nepetifolia is a fun and easy to grow herb bearing wide toothed leaves and tall spear like main stems which support a number of orange spiky flower clusters. 

   Klip dagga is oftentimes confused with wild dagga(leonotis leonorus), but they are quite easy to tell apart once you've seen them both.Klip dagga has very broad leaves, flowers about an inch long, and an obvious large main spike on the flower brackets. Wild dagga has long thin leaves, larger flowers(about 2 inches), and small spikes that are more difficult to see and less bothersome to work with. 

 People seem to expect quite a bit from this marvelous herb due to outrageous claims made by some, but is a great herb in its own right and has been used for quite a while as an herb for health and relaxation.

    When smoked, klip dagga (if you can imagine) is similar to tobacco. but instead of stimulation its sedating and has a taste of camp fire that fresh ground clove compliments very well!  





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    Posted by Ron on Jan 30th 2021

    Seeds seemed reasonable priced and arrived in apparent good condition. I intend to start them within the next two weeks, should be ready to transfer to high tunnel for outside conditioning near end of March. I will update my review at the end of the season. Thank-you and good luck!