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Wild lettuce lactuca virosa

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Proudly and organically grown by Bounty botanicals!

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Wild lettuce (lactuca virosa) is widely know for its pain reduction abilities.
Very young plants are able to be eaten as a veggie, but quickly become bitter with age as they fill with a sticky sap called lactucarium. Lactucarium was traditionally harvested by cutting the top flower buds off where a glob will form and eventually darken and dry in the sun. This is was then gathered and eaten, smoked, or made into a tincture.
The seeds of lactuca virosa are black; typically with a red ting. Another form of wild lettuce often confused with the virosa is lactuca serriola witch has brown seeds. Sadly all too often other venders will confuse the two, but rest assured bounty-botanicals has it right ;).
Lettuce requires light to germinate so surface sowing is a must!